Thursday, February 19, 2015

Giving "Pork Swords" to everyone who dares open it's pages...

We realize social media is a land filled with pom-poms and saline infused D cup sized marketing reflections, but we're dedicated to continuing the tradition of keeping a patch of grass roots alive... Ripe in the days of Blogging, the Lady Hump earned it's racing stripes on your Mom's underwear, and even today those stains linger with the distant scents of hangovers and burnt oil. Documenting all there is to do, as much as we can do, in Southern California from all of 2014 (and anywhere else we might travel to along the journey), this is our 5th annual annual, ready to fill it's place in your collection of good times. Covering the local scene(s); motorcycle events, parties, performances, and campouts, 150 pages of full color photography with not a single ad to annoy or distract. ZERO ADS. The "Best of" the Lady Hump blog from 2014 at your fingertips. Please don't drop it in the toilet... although you might not be familiar with "printed material" much like your iphone, it's not waterproof.

Every copy ships in a protective bubble mailer with free stickers.

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