Sunday, March 15, 2015

Fumblin Dublin to El Segundo along the RUCKUS RIDE 2015 (pt.1)


Every year we take the frock lickers time honored traditions of Saint Pa' Tricks day (as the Hillbilly Harpies would say) and put the Lady Hump "McTwisty" to it's nipples. Ouch! Ouch! Stop (don't stop) This year is no different, aside from the fact that we brought the IRA Potato Armory from Ireland to El Segundo! Another glorious adventure in Leprechaun stupidity from the Gasser Lounge to the Magical Potato Tree of El Segundo... that wee poor little tree may make it into the history books yet! Ride what you got, Chopper God to Stocker Sod and every accessory bolted between, all are welcome on Lady Hump rides. Safe Word: Pot o' Gold!!!

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