Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy Saint Patricks Day from the RUCKUS RIDE (pt.3)

We have arrived at the site of the worlds only know, Magical Potato Tree. Each year she blossoms and sprouts forth a yield of fragrant McTaters, and aroma worthy of Romans and festering weeds, yet with a jasmine top note and a citrus bottom end. This ain't your grandpas flathead.

This years addition to the Taterzooka armory was "Johnny Ha$h Browns" another fine weapon crafted by Wuss Army Kit (and you wondered why we call it the Wuss Army... now you know). Hugh thanks to Kit for the hospitality and Bob for brewing the Hooligan Red ale we all enjoyed! Deliciousness in a bottle, fermented in a closet. Yes!

Yes, that was dumb, ridiculous, and awesome!!!

Although the Ruckus Ride 2015 is over, you can still come down to the Gasser Lounge 3/17 for Shamruckus continues with Bag Pipes and Drums tonight! Don't forget the Midnight toast. No, it's not bread. Saint Patricks Day party in full effect.

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