Thursday, March 12, 2015

Shamruckus 2015

This years Shamruckus kicks off Saturday 3/14 with a motorcycle RUCKUS RIDE to the famed and well hidden Magical Potato Tree of El Segundo. Many have told the tale of the tree that bears a magical golden potato fruit, but few have found what is hidden beneath their noses... (instead they've picked just boogers) So we offer an escorted visit and a once per year chance to pick from it's branches ...and blow your wad.

KSU 4PM Gassed up ready to roll from the;
Gasser Lounge, 1500 Aviation Blvd., Redondo Beach CA.

Lady Hump hands out 50 free shop rags for all the rides we put on. Show up late and you'll be all "Uggghhhhhh.... but I wanted one of those."

This years shop rags are in a beautiful "Ride the Rainbow" color selection.

And everyone plucks a potato from the Magical Potato Tree... 
why? Because we'll be shooting them from our Taterzooka and our newest addition to the armory, the "Johnny Ha$h Brows" longer and stronger cannon!

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