Thursday, April 30, 2015

2015: AN ALIEN RUN Bike Trophy Winners

We Utilized the mathematical superior power of the HAL:2015 (Heuristically programmed ALgorithmic computer) to determine this years bike trophy recipient winners. HAL:2015, a far superior model than the 2000 Series. HAL is capable in all forms of social media, trend recognition, facial scene queen posing, identifying and systematically terminating hipsters, natural and unnatural witchcraft and voodoo practices, art critiquing, interpreting and reproducing emotional behaviors (butthurticous maxiumus), lifestyle branding, automated reasoning, chicken dinner seasoning, beer drinking, and Playing Chopper.

Trophies by the Illuminati Space Druid "Steffan" of the Zombie Performance Planet located in the Oregonian Region of the Milky Way Galaxy. He marked his trophies with a special sealing compound from his 5th bladder he's been gestating for three Eons.

Third Place Winner
The D'anna Biers Award
Commonly known as No.3, this award entertains the spirit of the Alien Run 2015. The owner decided the ALIEN RUN Alien Virgin Mary sticker was worthy for his bike, thus he hast Wonneth!
"But I could have put a sticker on my bike? whaaa whaaa whaaa..."
Then why didn't you? Complaints: Talk to the HAL.

Second Place Winner
The Tatooine Award
This Sportster received the award celebrating the twin suns (i.e., 2nd place) of the Tatoo System in the Outer Rim Territories. When a bike is this bad ass, it shines twice as bright... even if it was an overcast cloudy event day!
( Twin Suns = Twin Headlights )

First Place 
The Ming the Merciless Award
or the Emperor Ming Supreme Ruler of the Planet Mongo Award
Larry's Panhead made it all the way from the South Bay and back (even with a faulty battery, you can't kill this bike). Even when you think it's dead, it's ALIVE again!!!
There's no other place but FIRST for this bike.
Congratulations Larry.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Scoot's Revcovery

We're doing what we can to help Scott "Scoot" Stark who was involved in a motorcycle accident! (read below). Our prayers are going out to you Scoot!!!

We are Raising money for Scott Stark (Scoot), who was involved in a motorcycle accident on April 25th. After leaving a motorcycle event with his son and friends. 

He was left with a broken neck, Few broken vertebrae, all left ribs broken, Left punctured lung, broken left shoulder, Broken Femur. Just to name a few of his Injuries. This accident could have been much worse or fatal and we are blessed to have him here with us today.

Despite the good spirits, Scott  has a long battle ahead. Please continue to send good vibes/pray for him.

Any Amount donation is greatly appreciated. Please take a secound and share this page to help the Stark family. 

Crowlin Company - North Drinks with South 2015

Quick little tiddy from the crew over at Crowlin Company from the North Drinks With South 2015 party at Barrett Junction! "Yeah, that's about how crazy the whole weekend was...."

Thanks Mat!


Shout out to all the Raffle Sponsors for this years Alien Run 2015

Recycled Relics Ghettotooth Tori 
Model and maker of fine chopper arts & alien themed crafts for this years raffle!

and I donated some stuff too... Lady Hump
Like that fine wife beater below... so sexy!

The Rule:
You win it. You wear it.
...even if it's a girls top. You gotta own that raffle prize. Regardless.

I swear to god he said, "I do not want this..."

And for those who didn't win anything, we've got consolation prizes in the form of officially licensed "Sons or Anarchy" gear! ha ha ha ha... that's more like a "penalty" prize for not winning.

Now let's talk about Roy Neary for a minute. This guy, Roy, called me, very erratic one night and asked if I could help him "make contact..." Well, sure I said. There's nothing better I like than supporting a good grass-roots probing, and nothing looks and feels more like a "root" than the long lankly fingers of an extraterrestrial alien.

I never got to say goodbye to Roy at the end of the Alien Run 2015. By the end of the night all I remember is, he left with a whole bunch of little big headed naked Munchkins into a bright light machine shaped like an ice cream cone? I called out, "Roy, Roy... if they have taco's bring us back some!" but I'm pretty sure he ate them all himself.

ALIEN RUN 2015 REVIEW (pt.3)

Custom tail light by Psycho Resin (they're shit is wayyyy rad. Check them out HERE)

Still on the way to showcase all the rad raffle prizes from this years Alien Run 2015, but I took tons of photogs so we'll get to all the good stuff eventually!
It's all good stuff... 

Christine LIVES!!!

"Hellooooo, this is Wesley Crusher. I'm just calling to confirm your order for a Exotic Mexican Male Dancer at your Bachelor Party tonight? I've been practicing my Schuhplattler all week!"

Another bad ass custom piece for the Alien Run 2015 raffle, this twisted train spike alien head bottle opener by the awsome Busch and Busch!

So much good stuff!!! All raffle sponsors will be listed later today...

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

ALIEN RUN 2015 REVIEW (pt.2)

 As riders arrived throughout the day, they were welcome into the Little A'le Inn where they met with Roy Neary, intergalactic host, and reviewed the raffle selections. I'll review more of that and those tomorrow.

Huge thanks to Zombie Performance for making some Intergalactic Spirit Awards (or Best Bike Trophies). Winners were chosen for spirit, not necessarily "the most chopper'd" categories, so pretty much anyone could win if you put even the smallest amount of effort into it somehow, by design, style, or endurance.

Crank the PSI!

WussArmy Kit did bring out one of his homemade Taterzooka's for open range testing. What a difference it makes when there's no restrictions like those pesky residential fences or  LAX air traffic... "yeah, that went pretty damn far!" Couple guys even made for human targets but I don't think anyone had an accurate enough aim to hit them. The Alien Targets we made survived until being added to the fire later that night...

Couple people asked me, "Why did you do this the same weekend as Laughlin?" (well, first off it wasn't me, it was all the infamous Roy Neary who measured the star chart alignments and read the sacred tea leaves and had the vision quest...) but the simple answer is, "Because, Laughlin IS the same weekend." Bigger doesn't means "better" and if you've ever been to Laughlin, or any other corporate mega-maul biker rally, then really, do you have to ask? Do you like paying $8 for a draft beer? Do you think a hamburger should cost $9. "But it came with a bag of chips." The same bag of chips they give Kindergarten students. I can only stand to see and hear someone rev their eng'whine up a dozen times. Once I've heard it a thousand times, I pretty much lose interest.

Monday, April 27, 2015

ALIEN RUN 2015 VIDEO by Tony Medellin

Alien Run 2015 from Tony Medellin on Vimeo.

*Not my video. Thanks to Tony Medellin for posting on Vimeo.

If the link above does not work, try viewing HERE

** Does not show the Orange Ice Cream Cone spaceship that came down and abducted Roy Neary at the end of the night.

*** The hanger footage is where those who were abducted were taken. How the video was smuggled out of Area 51, I do not know. You know it's real because it's not your typical "grainy" 8mm old film. What medical probing happened to them throughout the night I can not say.

Earthlings Welcome at the Little A'Le Inn (Alien Run 2015) (pt.1)

Rachel, Nevada
Little Ale'Inn

In total, I counted over 60 bikes throughout the city (and who knows how many people drove out in chase trucks or campers). People that made the journey from distant lands along the Extraterrestrial Highway to Rachel Nevada for the annual Alien Run.

Along the entrance to the Extraterrestrial Highway out of Alamo

The Little Ale'Inn was nice enough to allow this gathering (take-over invasion style) of Earthlings and Non-Earth Species at their local watering hole in Rachel Nevada. Huge thanks go out to the Little Ale'Inn and the town of Rachel Nevada. Our visionary host, Roy Neary*, made the event a huge success!!

(* We'll get more into him later)

The weather, what can I say? There was a chance of a passing storms. It did rain a bit during the day in Rachel, very briefly. Some people got wet riding into town, some people stayed pretty much bone dry (like myself). Capt. Arturo says he even got hit with some hail. Aside from clouds in the sky, for the most part the day was merely overcast but had perfect conditions when breaking earth atmosphere and landing your spacecraft on the outskirts of town and then milling about the Humans, disguised as a local or a visiting motorcycle rider, and enjoying the local hospitality and libations. See, even Aliens from distant planetary systems were smart enough not to wear SOA gear...

So check back all week long as I post more photography (every day) from this years Alien Run 2015. Thanks for visiting a "blog" (nobody blogs anymore. Blogs are soooo 2009. Blogs are dead and gone).