Thursday, April 30, 2015

2015: AN ALIEN RUN Bike Trophy Winners

We Utilized the mathematical superior power of the HAL:2015 (Heuristically programmed ALgorithmic computer) to determine this years bike trophy recipient winners. HAL:2015, a far superior model than the 2000 Series. HAL is capable in all forms of social media, trend recognition, facial scene queen posing, identifying and systematically terminating hipsters, natural and unnatural witchcraft and voodoo practices, art critiquing, interpreting and reproducing emotional behaviors (butthurticous maxiumus), lifestyle branding, automated reasoning, chicken dinner seasoning, beer drinking, and Playing Chopper.

Trophies by the Illuminati Space Druid "Steffan" of the Zombie Performance Planet located in the Oregonian Region of the Milky Way Galaxy. He marked his trophies with a special sealing compound from his 5th bladder he's been gestating for three Eons.

Third Place Winner
The D'anna Biers Award
Commonly known as No.3, this award entertains the spirit of the Alien Run 2015. The owner decided the ALIEN RUN Alien Virgin Mary sticker was worthy for his bike, thus he hast Wonneth!
"But I could have put a sticker on my bike? whaaa whaaa whaaa..."
Then why didn't you? Complaints: Talk to the HAL.

Second Place Winner
The Tatooine Award
This Sportster received the award celebrating the twin suns (i.e., 2nd place) of the Tatoo System in the Outer Rim Territories. When a bike is this bad ass, it shines twice as bright... even if it was an overcast cloudy event day!
( Twin Suns = Twin Headlights )

First Place 
The Ming the Merciless Award
or the Emperor Ming Supreme Ruler of the Planet Mongo Award
Larry's Panhead made it all the way from the South Bay and back (even with a faulty battery, you can't kill this bike). Even when you think it's dead, it's ALIVE again!!!
There's no other place but FIRST for this bike.
Congratulations Larry.

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