Tuesday, April 28, 2015

ALIEN RUN 2015 REVIEW (pt.2)

 As riders arrived throughout the day, they were welcome into the Little A'le Inn where they met with Roy Neary, intergalactic host, and reviewed the raffle selections. I'll review more of that and those tomorrow.

Huge thanks to Zombie Performance for making some Intergalactic Spirit Awards (or Best Bike Trophies). Winners were chosen for spirit, not necessarily "the most chopper'd" categories, so pretty much anyone could win if you put even the smallest amount of effort into it somehow, by design, style, or endurance.

Crank the PSI!

WussArmy Kit did bring out one of his homemade Taterzooka's for open range testing. What a difference it makes when there's no restrictions like those pesky residential fences or  LAX air traffic... "yeah, that went pretty damn far!" Couple guys even made for human targets but I don't think anyone had an accurate enough aim to hit them. The Alien Targets we made survived until being added to the fire later that night...

Couple people asked me, "Why did you do this the same weekend as Laughlin?" (well, first off it wasn't me, it was all the infamous Roy Neary who measured the star chart alignments and read the sacred tea leaves and had the vision quest...) but the simple answer is, "Because, Laughlin IS the same weekend." Bigger doesn't means "better" and if you've ever been to Laughlin, or any other corporate mega-maul biker rally, then really, do you have to ask? Do you like paying $8 for a draft beer? Do you think a hamburger should cost $9. "But it came with a bag of chips." The same bag of chips they give Kindergarten students. I can only stand to see and hear someone rev their eng'whine up a dozen times. Once I've heard it a thousand times, I pretty much lose interest.

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