Wednesday, April 29, 2015

ALIEN RUN 2015 REVIEW (pt.3)

Custom tail light by Psycho Resin (they're shit is wayyyy rad. Check them out HERE)

Still on the way to showcase all the rad raffle prizes from this years Alien Run 2015, but I took tons of photogs so we'll get to all the good stuff eventually!
It's all good stuff... 

Christine LIVES!!!

"Hellooooo, this is Wesley Crusher. I'm just calling to confirm your order for a Exotic Mexican Male Dancer at your Bachelor Party tonight? I've been practicing my Schuhplattler all week!"

Another bad ass custom piece for the Alien Run 2015 raffle, this twisted train spike alien head bottle opener by the awsome Busch and Busch!

So much good stuff!!! All raffle sponsors will be listed later today...

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