Monday, April 27, 2015

Earthlings Welcome at the Little A'Le Inn (Alien Run 2015) (pt.1)

Rachel, Nevada
Little Ale'Inn

In total, I counted over 60 bikes throughout the city (and who knows how many people drove out in chase trucks or campers). People that made the journey from distant lands along the Extraterrestrial Highway to Rachel Nevada for the annual Alien Run.

Along the entrance to the Extraterrestrial Highway out of Alamo

The Little Ale'Inn was nice enough to allow this gathering (take-over invasion style) of Earthlings and Non-Earth Species at their local watering hole in Rachel Nevada. Huge thanks go out to the Little Ale'Inn and the town of Rachel Nevada. Our visionary host, Roy Neary*, made the event a huge success!!

(* We'll get more into him later)

The weather, what can I say? There was a chance of a passing storms. It did rain a bit during the day in Rachel, very briefly. Some people got wet riding into town, some people stayed pretty much bone dry (like myself). Capt. Arturo says he even got hit with some hail. Aside from clouds in the sky, for the most part the day was merely overcast but had perfect conditions when breaking earth atmosphere and landing your spacecraft on the outskirts of town and then milling about the Humans, disguised as a local or a visiting motorcycle rider, and enjoying the local hospitality and libations. See, even Aliens from distant planetary systems were smart enough not to wear SOA gear...

So check back all week long as I post more photography (every day) from this years Alien Run 2015. Thanks for visiting a "blog" (nobody blogs anymore. Blogs are soooo 2009. Blogs are dead and gone).

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