Thursday, April 23, 2015

::: The Great CHOPPER Swindle COMING IN MAY :::

In May, we'll* be returning to the dry humor lampooning roots of the Lady Hump and posting a series of informative ekspoza' on today's vibrant "modern chopper" scene.

Remember originality? Remember the February Blogosphere Challenges? Those are DEAD.
(not really, but it's for dramatic purpose)

From the distortions of "Big Business" marketing strategies to Instagram meme humor... we're going to examine today's pale replica of yesterdays fascinating community.

What are the Chopper Mythos?

Who or what successfully challenged and sterilized the "Chopper Elite" with an overwhelming mediocrity and mass marketing appeal?

How did the momentum of a long dead social grouping, snowball into one of today's most enthusiastic novelty fads?

All this, and more, will be our primary mission in life focus (aside from all the regular shit). Hopefully blogger will not shut down before that (because as you all know, we're merely "blogging a dead horse" around these parts)...

Nobody reads blogs anymore.

"Oh Mai Gawd.... He said whuuuu?"

"I never knew lifestyle branding was so common...."

* I say "we'll" but it's just me behind a computer (with a few people slipping me bits of dirt from underneath the carpet who want to remain anonymous).

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