Monday, April 20, 2015

NDWS 4 REVIEW (pt.2)

The ride out from San Diego to Barrett Junction is always a fun one. There's no way to express how thrilled I am with San Diego based trips because, in almost under an hour, you can really be out of town. Los Angeles, on the freeways, an hour gets you to the middle of the Valley or East Los Angeles from the South Bay, considering how horrible traffic can snarl to a snail on a coffee break (and that snail is drinking luke warm decaf...). Barrett Junction is located along Campo Road and Barrett Lake Road, just past the town of Dulzura (which sounds like a town named after half truth's; being so slow of a town to be "dull" and mixed with some demonic name from an 80's Ghostbusters movie?) Anyway, they have a bar / cafe set up, with a good sized outdoor stage set up, and beyond the obvious, in the back beyond everything there's a camping expanse perfect for a BeerBreed party, flat land, shade trees, and no one complaining to the Ranger that we're being to "weird"... as if that never happens.

Yes, it's a Honda

I think I won the "Find Terry" game!!! Ladies and Gentlemen, the man who gave me one of the first public chances to make an ass outta myself (as if I needed a "chance"), Mr. BeerBooter aka Temecula Terry!!!

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