Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Shout out to all the Raffle Sponsors for this years Alien Run 2015

Recycled Relics Ghettotooth Tori 
Model and maker of fine chopper arts & alien themed crafts for this years raffle!

and I donated some stuff too... Lady Hump
Like that fine wife beater below... so sexy!

The Rule:
You win it. You wear it.
...even if it's a girls top. You gotta own that raffle prize. Regardless.

I swear to god he said, "I do not want this..."

And for those who didn't win anything, we've got consolation prizes in the form of officially licensed "Sons or Anarchy" gear! ha ha ha ha... that's more like a "penalty" prize for not winning.

Now let's talk about Roy Neary for a minute. This guy, Roy, called me, very erratic one night and asked if I could help him "make contact..." Well, sure I said. There's nothing better I like than supporting a good grass-roots probing, and nothing looks and feels more like a "root" than the long lankly fingers of an extraterrestrial alien.

I never got to say goodbye to Roy at the end of the Alien Run 2015. By the end of the night all I remember is, he left with a whole bunch of little big headed naked Munchkins into a bright light machine shaped like an ice cream cone? I called out, "Roy, Roy... if they have taco's bring us back some!" but I'm pretty sure he ate them all himself.

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