Thursday, May 14, 2015

I Can't Believe it's NOT Choppers! ( NEW and IMPROVED Imitation Brand Choppering )

There used to be two worlds out there. The stagnant generic substance lacking corporate events you'd never think of going to or supporting, and the vibrant independent shop events, rides, and parties that never heard of Road Captains or dealership sponsors. 

Now more than any time in the past, the two have merged, and much like being under the numbing influence of leech saliva, so many are apathetic or oblivious to the fundamental destruction occurring. So many retort with "there's nothing you can do about it..." 

But I believe there still is. You draw a line in the sand and you don't cross that line. 

Let the masses enjoy the fake as fuck AstroTurf, I'd rather search for the authentic grassroots events that would consider it selling out to be sponsored by a men's cologne body spray! 

Don't believe the hype, the smoke and mirrors being pushed by dealerships, beer labels, insurance companies or anything from these corporate marketing strategists. They're offering you a prepackaged "lifestyle brand" you neither need to pay THEM for, nor need THEM to obtain. 

Do it Yourself... 

Still some of you prefer the salty fatty taste of the fast food industry on your palate over the value of a home cooked meals. You are what you eat and you are what you support; real or fake, the choice is ultimately yours (don't let them make it for you).

Lady Hump

Don't fall for it.

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