Sunday, May 3, 2015


Might as well collect the money from all the advertisers trying to get in on playing chopper!
Here's a product "NOW TRENDING" that ToysRUs paid us to post on our blog.

* Aggressive Throwback (to when you were 2-4 years old)
* Premium Paint
* Classic Peanut (simulated) Fuel Tank
(Capable of holding 0.0 gallons of fuel, just like a real chopper)
* Frisco Influenced Handlebars (mirrors removed!)
* Low Seat
* Chopped Rear Fender
* Intuitive Controls
* Wide Front and Rear Tire
* A wide variety of available accessories from our ToyrRUs dealerships nationwide
* Tuned to be Ridden!

(Optional Security Device available)

All Kids really want is to feel the "Freedom of the Open Road"
Don't be that annoying parent all kids hate, who won't let Kids do what they want to do when they want to do it!!

Easy monthly payment plans available!
Apply NOW

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