Monday, May 18, 2015

STURGIS is coming, are you ready to take the "Final Ride" with the Sons of Anarchy cast.... Let's Pretend this isn't real, but it is.

SOA thuper fan M/C

Remember when those Star Trek nerds starting having conventions and it was fun to dress up and roll play? You're a member of Star Fleet and you're a Vulcan science officer and you've got the shirt and the rubber ears and you bought a over priced replica phaser to complete your fantasy. And if you were really lucky you could find a "girl friend" as much into re-runs as you were.... as if. Now, there's a fantasy... but eventually the women "got on the bus" too and now there's an equal amount of acceptance for Star Trek cosplay (read: boob attention).

But, I'll give you some credit. As retarded as you were attending Star Trek fan "meetings" in cramped studio apartments in Van Nuys, avoiding the Noid and ordering some pizzas and Jolt cola, with extra toppings and extra crazy bread (a lot of extra crazy bread), discussing Romulan-Klingon Neutral Zone politics and potential sexual relations with alien species, when Monday morning came, you took off your rubber ears, put your pants back on, stashed the lotion and went to work. Your screen saver might eventually have been a 3-D picture of Jeri Ryan (on the show as Seven of Nine)(her Dad's a real biker too btw, respect.) in her skin tight Borg leotard (once computers took over the world) but you existed in a pretty much normal world. Everyone knew you were a nerd, but they understood you understood the barriers between reality and make believe.

Not with the SONS OF ANARCHY fans. These guys dress up all day long playing Biker. So much so, even Sturgis (as if it's a all power "entity" unto itself) has recognized them as a viable revenue source, much like the Crystalline Entity sucked the power from everything it came across, Sturgis wants to suck your wallets in the same way. On a side note, next to mid teen to 30 something girls real proud of their own boobs, more SOA fans take selfies in the bathroom mirror than any other social group.

No motorcycle necessary!

 So who's in with the Final Ride this year at Sturgis? Because if "this" is happening at Sturgis, it must be reality and not fantasy play. Sturgis isn't FAKE is it? No... Sturgis is the real deal, so this by default must be the real deal too. Be sure to wear your PRESIDENT Sons of Anarchy cut (vest)! Oh, you don't have one yet? Buy your patches online or swing by SOA Command (Hot Topic) and see if they have any pre-made vests still in stock.

Front of the Ride Package... sounds like some dudes are going to be making a "train!" 

Just buying the line up of available packages is $400.00, man, what a deal! Food and booze and everything else not included. I wonder how bright your "after glow" is going to be once you're amongst these "living legends" of SOA for six whole days and nights??? 

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Hashtag #SOAthuperfanMC

I can't make this shit up if I tried...
Just another chapter in the Great Chopper Swindle taking America (and the World) by storm!

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