Monday, May 4, 2015

Welcome to CHOPPER WORLD!!!

Ever wonder what Chopper shows will look like in the future? Well, wonder no more. Here's a look into the future, nearly 60 years into the future of mankind....

Choppers may no longer be allowed within the borders of the "New United Countries of the Americas" But we've secured the proper licensing and permits from Japan to allow for a limited engagement of historically simulated and some actual "chopper" survivors to be placed on holographic display at this years GRAND OPENING of the world largest chopper show on the planet ...

Opening New Years Day 2069
Celebrating the "Grassroots of '69" made famous by Famous Stars and Bacon Strips worldwide supplies of Chopper Clothing and Chopper Clothing Accessories.

Chopper World will also be streamed LIVE via Pay-Per-View on The Oprah Winfrey Retinal Implant Network

CHOPPER WORLD is proudly sponsored by the following global corporations;
Coca Cola (try our new non-alcoholic Rum flavored line of carbonated refreshments)
Taco Bell (try our new boiled noodle tacos! in mild, medium, and Volcanic Diarrhea flavors)
Doc Martins (authentic chopper footwear)
Hollister Brand Helmet-Body Shells (capturing the Freedom of Sturgis inside a carbon fiber full face, neck, and spinal protection device worn over your upper body)
The Kim Kardashian Memorial Foundation (Nobel Prize winner for humanitarian efforts in ending pornography throughout the great State of Van Nuys)
Honda-Davidson (the leader in global air-cooled electric vehicles)
Bud Ultra-Light (now brewed on the moon under Zero-G atmospheric conditions)
Soylent Green (it's not just a delicious and satisfying Relish for Dealership Hot Dogs any more...)

Once you're safely inside the protected shield generators of Chopper World be sure to visit the follow attractions;

The Instagram Museum, containing over One Hundred Thousand Trillion actual instagram feed posts before uploads to the Internet was closed when it became full.

The Denim Vest Exhibition. Watch as (actors portraying) actual 6 year olds cut and sew Denim Vests made* to order, just like they did in South East Asian countries before the Prime Minister of Malaysia put an end to child labor abuses. (* For legal reasons these Denim Vests may not be worn inside the grounds of Chopper World. Chopper World has a strict no-colors of any material; leather, denim, Alpaca, or Dolphin, etc., no-patches, t-shirts displaying any logo not an authorized sponsor of Chopper World, or any other non-licensed brand worn or displayed while on the property. Thank you for helping keep Chopper World a safe place to appreciate history and purchase novelty items)

Take a ride on the motion simulated "Kicker" Roller coaster! Probably the closest you'll ever come to riding an actual motorcycle, this ride will give you the feel of riding a coat hanger attached to two imaginary wheels made from a substance know back then as "rubber", with the added real-life simulation of having to stop every 25 feet to restart your ride by kicking a simulated Evo Sportster Kickstarter. **The Kicker Roller coaster contains no combustible parts, all engines are operated by an electronic simulation algorithm.

Keep Kicking!!!!

Handicap parking is available for surviving victims of motorcycle discrimination laws.

And be sure to visit the BJORN' FREEK STAGE where special guests will be signing*** color portraits between the hours of 11:15-11:30 and again at 2:20-2:35 (on openig day ONLY).


The only remaining living actors who portrayed pivotal characters on the greatest original historically significant chopper drama ever produced, for what was formerly recognized as cable television.
(3D Holo Downloads of all 14 critically acclaimed Emmy Award Winning seasons of Sons Of Anarchy are available in our WEBSTORE, click HERE)

Both actors portrayed SONS OF ANARCHY character "Abel" between 2011-2014

who also portrayed SONS OF ANARCHY character "Abel" between 2008-2011

who both portrayed SONS OF ANARCHY character "Baby Teller Thomas" between 2012-2013

Are you ready for that Ticket Information?

"When CHOPPER WORLD becomes Outlawed, only Outlaws will visit CHOPPER WORLD"

Tired of parking in the grass? Outlaw Passes receive preferred parking in our Skypark Astroturf Hover-port Facility with free Graviton Shuttle Services to and from CHOPPER WORLD!


"...But where are all the Choppers?"

Behind the Smoke and Mirrors.

Disclaimer: Not applicable. This is all too real.

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