Saturday, June 27, 2015

Sky Walker

One of my favorite bikes at this years Born Free!

Took a ton of pictures this year, and wasn't even able to make an entire "round" of the event. Somewhere about 5 hours deep into it, I just decided, man that's enough and we tore out of there. Great seeing so many good friends and praising the weather conditions and the reduction of beer prices! Good call on that, because, you know, charging people anything more would be ham wallet raping. Thank you for keeping it close to reasonable $$$ this year. I didn't even do my regular "Porta'pottie" theatre shots this year since they moved them back out of view from the main grounds. Gotta admit, the show is nailing down what works and what doesn't. Thank you Born Free for not having the obnoxious Harley Davidson tent this year, the Biltwell Circus tent is much more entertaining. I can't believe that was Harold on the trapeze!!! Tons of pics coming over the next 14 days, and I don't even know who won any bikes or anything. I spent the majority of my time shooting the bikes in the grass lots because I love the bikes that are ridden to the event. Cheers peeps!

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