Thursday, July 16, 2015

A Reptilian Gathering of Humanoids and Others...

Going to go out on a limb here and hang myself out to dry... As many of you know (if you've been paying attention. And I don't blame you if you haven't. Often times the world surrounding me is oblivious too...) I don't "do" magazines. I've had a couple subscriptions over the years (to some of the other big name magazines) and have been, to put it mildly, disappointed. This however is the first, and here's where my "biker cred" takes the critical hit, is the very first Easyriders issue I've ever actually paid for! I know, I'm so fake.

I do have a fond memory of, sometime when I was probably 11-13 years old, buying a copy of Outlaw Biker because there was "boobies" in it! Glorious boobies!!! But I digress, I bought this copy of Easyriders (available on new stands now) for the WRENCH Bonus Magazine. Wrench Magazine now only comes as a bonus insert inside Easyriders. And oh yeah... some tool by the name of Ladyhump wrote up a article on the Alien Run 2015, PROBING THE ALIEN RUN. Not to mention, there's plenty of boobies in Easyriders too, but not my point. My point is buy this magazine and enjoy the Alien Run 2015 photography and write up. There's lots of other choppers featured in it too (The Black Mamba, Cocaine Carolina, a long bike by Paul Ponkow, and Dean Lanza's panhead Quicksilver) between the boobies. And for the chicks and babes, there's plenty of beefcake in the magazine too; you'll enjoy the hard hitting heavy drinking male nipple rubbing and halter tops from the Alien Run photography spread. I ain't lying!

Huge thanks to Cary Brobeck for keep on keeping on!

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