Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Couple things on the Calendar ... Beer, Kulture with Beer, Camping with Beer, and repeat; Camping with Beer!

So we're downsizing. At least that's what I've coined it as. We're going to be hosting, supporting, and MOST IMPORTANTLY attending "smaller" (often free) motorcycle geared events, gatherings, campouts. Let's face it, the "bigger" venues are all fine without our little attendance (or are they? record low attendance has been noted at the last several recent larger local rallies / events. But that's neither here nor care...). So here's a quick list of upcoming songs to put on your play list (not counting the best weekly Taco Moto Tuesday(s), which you can follow on @KultOfSpeed IG ).

The Torrance Beermuda Triangle.
We're hitting three local Torrance breweries in three hours (or until they kick us out...)
Meeting at THE DUDES 6pm FRIDAY September 25th, 2015
1840 W. 208th St. Torrance CA
From there will be traveling an incredibly ridiculously short distance to two other nearby breweries. You will not need to be topped of for this. 


October 10th, 2015
Not a campout, just a afternoon ride
@WussArmy Kit is going to blow our minds... leading us through history to two SoCal museums dedicated to preserving yesterdays artists & automotive kulture. There will be some small fees for a museum entrance. We'll also end the day at a brewery adjacent to our last local. School yourself!
Time TBD. Meet will initiate at the iconic Randy's Donuts in Inglewood.


November 7th 2015
The 4th annual GIANT ROCK RUN
Doesn't get weirder than drinking with Aliens, Ravers, and Goats, all the while listening to the echos of  espionage from World War II alongside a UFO landing strip, tweaker laser light shows, and the largest free standing boulder in the world; Giant Rock.
More information: @KultOfSpeed


Then the very next weekend, November 13th-14th-15th, 2015
The BEERBREED Annual Booze Cruise
Because "Bustin' make me feel good!"
Ghosts of the Old West, Lizard People, and Cold Beer... we'll drink and camp with just about anybody. Something else about mandatory karaoke'...?
More information: @24cycles and @61CadillacKid on IG


So mark your Calendars now because in the same thought as attending these smaller, more intimate, events and campouts, we also won't be mass promoting them and trying to encourage over-attendance. We're not packing any amphitheaters or meeting any attendance quotas. We're not promoting any sponsors, selling any tickets, hiring any valet parking lot staff, or pushing any corporate product lines. We're just going to go out and have a good time. Consider this your personal invitation.

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