Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Deep inside Zombie Performance....

Last month we took a little ride to Oregon from Los Angeles to party with all our friends (both new and old) at the Cheapo Chopoff. See my many previous posts for coverage and photography over the last few weeks.

But this post isn't about the Cheapo Chopoff, even though that camp out was about the best thing anywhere north of San Diego this year... and I mean that, if you missed the Cheapo Chopoff, I'm sorry. But again, wrong topic. This post is about the generous hospitality of some awesome people who live in Oregon and are the proverbial, salt of the earth; Steffan and Lacey.

Steffan you should know, the man behind Zombie Performance (no link necessary, you SHOULD already be running ZP bars if you're a smart chappie). The nearly single man operation, that has made a lasting mark on the "chopper" garage builder scene as it is today. And Lacey is his better half so to speak, because behind every great man is a great woman they say, and I agree. These two brought myself and Lady Alizon (and Wuss Army Kit too) into their home and from scratch, made us pizza and served us home brewed tap beverages. I don't know what it is, but I can hardly think of many better days than the day before the Cheapo Chopoff (yes, this all happened the day prior to their hosting the Cheapo Chopoff, with the help of friends for sure, David to name just one, but still... this is when you'd normally be pulling hair out thinking; what the hell am I forgetting???) So to them, a sincere thanks and for allowing me to leave the hustle and bustle of the lameness of Los Angeles far behind many many miles, I owe you one buddy! Big Kisses and Hugs from the Lady Hump.

Oregon fucking rocks!

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