Saturday, September 26, 2015

Get Lost in the Beermuda Triangle...

Three breweries in three hours, keeping it simple (yet extremely tasty)!
On this episode of the Beermuda Triangle we visited the three following breweries;
It looks like we're going to keep this up, maybe monthly, maybe bi-monthly, but we'll see. There's enough breweries in the area where we can pretty much keep it growing for as long as we want. But suffice to say, the inaugural Beermuda Triangle was a delicious success! 

The Dude's Brew

Smog City

Take a note; Monkish Brewing Co. makes delicious wood fired pizza on thursday and fridays.

and somehow we ended up dunking the evil clowns into the acid vats? Go figure...

And then some other stuff happened... but not worth getting into the sweaty details.

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