Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Taco Moto Tuesday "Let's Read a Good Book..."

Taco Moto Tuesday took us to The LIBRARY this week where we were able to enjoy some delicious authentic tacos cooked by Jose' and catch up on our literary interests, including but not limited to; 

  • Canon formation and promulgation (especially as presented by anthologies, syllabi and awards
  • The intersection of literary and genre fiction, especially literary speculative fiction (slipstream, weird) and speculative literary fiction (allegory, magic realism, folk realism)
  • Indie/DIY publishing and marketing
  • Narrative theory, especially point of view and acrobatic characterization
  • Censorship and literary production
  • Small magazines v. Augmentation into the Larger Publication Spectrum
  • Theorizing the radical middle
  • Hi~Lobrow and the Middlebrow and related issues (camp, kitsch, avant garde, etc.)

This was both enlightening and humorous, yet still second to the Tacos that were consumed. So I say to thee, "Cheers! Taco Moto Tuesday, Cheers indeed!"

And then at one point, a lone Librarian came up to our Discussion Group and said that we somehow were "scaring" the other Librarians working? She was encouraged to join our literary group as a gesture of goodwill and to ease her trepidation. As we were unable to locate a chair for her to sit on, she suggested and initiated sitting upon one members lap during a brief discussion on "collaborative storytelling" and seemed to enjoy the intellectual stimulation although apparently did have trouble getting comfortable as she was unable to sit still for an extended period of time. I must say, her inability to find a complacent sitting position upon said persons lap was somehow very unobjectionable to watch.

Some of these pictures were donated from the collection of @Lady_Alizon and from @MouseAndTheMotorcycle

#TacoMotoTuesday is a weekly gathering of like minded motorcycle enthusiasts dedicated to good times and tacos! For future Long Beach events and literary itineraries follow @KultOfSpeed on IG.

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