Friday, September 11, 2015

That's SO Fauxy...

So, you're going to start a mega-event in your large, medium, or small town? We're ready to assist with your current product placement needs, but remember, it's not just about logos... it's also about people too. Faux People equal high "like" levels on today's modern Social Media networks.

Never let another "Selfie" moment be tarnished by low crowd turnout! Ensure that a crowd appears in every picture your patrons take. Available in both FLANNEL and LEATHER crowd versions.

And are your patrons tired of walking on plain old dirt or boring old cement? We've got you covered with our newest line of CHOPPER VERDE astro turf. So lifelike, no one will even be able to tell it's fake... (unless they look down, stand on it, or breathe in deeply anywhere around it).

 But product placement is still our speciality. We can literally cover everything and anything with advertising... There's no limit to what we won't Sell Out! You can only dream of your name on the sides of walls, windows, doors, trashcans, garbage dumpsters, buildings, houses, play forts, tshirts, bottles, cans, wristbands, just about anything you can hold, see, or smell (that's right, the "shitters" are our playgrounds too!), but we can make your wildest dreams a reality people can't get away from no matter where they turn or where they look! We will flood their brains with hypnotizing product placement unitl they puke!!! We can cover anything with our newest most durable class of non-toxic* vinyl adhesive non-removeable coverings for a fraction of what it would cost to paint it all with that old wet sticky takse-too-long-to-dry paints. Paint is so yesterday....

* Not yet approved for sale within the United States.

For mor information on the services we offer, check out our booth at CHOPPER WORLD today!

Take a look around people. It's starting to suck hard...

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