Sunday, September 6, 2015

WANTED: Poster img from inside the Devils Tower Trading Post

I'm looking for a picture I saw last month from the Devils Tower Trading Post
Inside the Trading Post located directly outside the Devils Tower park entrance, next to the Ice Cream counter there's a large wall poster 5x5 (ish) of Main Street Sturgis on the 50th anniversary. I'm looking for any img of this poster or smaller version? Email me or post a comment if you've got a link. Thank you!

And you'll easily recognize this picture/poster because it isn't sprayed with corporate product placement diarrhea like every single other moder day picture from Main Street Sturgis where, let's face it, no sellable space is left untarnished or unsoiled from the foul putrid stench of today's modern marketing astroturf exploitation; roof balloons, banners, signage, easy up monogram logo tents, etc. etc. There's also a hella' less baggers in the pic then you might initially realize. When you look at it, you'll notice a ton of cool as fuck bikes that you would not expect to see at today(s) dealership sheeple stampede.

kinda like this pic from HERE
Similiar to the on above, but this is only an example.

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