Saturday, October 24, 2015


After avoiding yet another "accidental release" at the local Exxon Mobile refinery, smelled like steam and tar as we rode through it, *cough cough, we started Beermuda 2 off at Absolution Brewing Co., great selections. I tried the Purgatory Hefeweizen and the Grateful Red, then traveled into the heart of Old Torrance for South Bay IPA's at Red Car Brewing Co., and finished the night with stone fired pizzas and Feminist Triple with Hibiscus ABV 9.4 at (my personal favorite, but they're all soooo good) Monkish Brewing Co. Glad everyone who came out had a great time! We'll explore more of the Beermuda Triangle of Torrance in early December, so look forward to Beermuda 3 happening then!!

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