Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The first two weekends in NOVEMBER, The GIANT ROCK RUN & The BEERBREED Annual Booze Cruise

NOVEMBER 7th 2015

NOVEMBER 13-15th 2015

We're happy to report, we've figured it out! [GENIUS ALERT: PLEASE STAND BY...] What works and what doesn't... Small friendly, FREE camping, motorcycle trips are where it's at. And, in all sincere honesty; goodbye mega-events, goodbye paid parking passes, goodbye corporate marketing booths, goodbye corporate vendor footprints, goodbye overpriced tickets and goodbye astroturf entertainment (insert waving "bye bye" emoji here). We'll read all about you in TeenBeat... or maybe we won't?

For more information on this years 4th annual GIANT ROCK RUN, Nov. 7th 2015 follow @KultofSpeed on IG. Giant Rock is located in the Mojave desert near Landers, CA.

For more information on this years BEERBREED Annual Booze Cruise Nov. 13th-15th, 2015 follow @24Cycles and @61CadillacKid on the IG. This years Booze Cruise takes us to a unannounced final destination approx. 80  miles from Hesperia, CA., on BLM land. There's also a FREE raffle where the cost of raffle tickets is absolutely zero! Explain to me how exactly, you beat that? You simply don't. 

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