Sunday, November 29, 2015

BURBANK MOTO No Bear Free Beer Openhouse

Quick shout out to BURBANK MOTO for the free beer and $1 hotdogs at the Burbank Moto Openhouse Saturday 11/28/2015. Didn't take a ton of photos but had a rad time! Cheers.


Thursday, November 26, 2015

TACO MOTO TUESDAY Clothing Drive at Alex's Bar (pt.2)

Just a few more pics from this weeks #TACOMOTOTUESDAY (follow @kultofspeed on IG for future tuesday locations). Another huge thanks to everyone who brought out bags and bags of clothing to help out the less fortunate in our communities. The clothing drive was a huge success and shows just how much crap we really have, we really don't need. Give it to someone who can use it! And a huge thanks to ALEX'S BAR LONG BEACH for the Tacos and Beers all night long!!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Oh no you didn't... TOUCHING TIPS is BACK !!!

It was our BORN FREE SAMCRO SPECIAL back in June but so many people have been asking me to screen more of these, I simply want you to shut up and go away... (not really. The Lady Hump LOVES you ~ Xxoo that means "kiss kiss, hug hug" if you didn't know) so here's your opportunity to show some Brotherly Love and support for SAMCRO this Holiday Season!!!

$20. anywhere in the USA
(including Temecula, Philadelphia, and anywhere in Texas...)

but wait, there's more...

Jesus is going to wear one of these shirt on Christmas Day!!!
So can you...


It's not gay.
(even if you wish it was...)

You really wish it was hu....???? I know you so well.

* Persons in photographs are not actually SAMCRO members

TACO MOTO TUESDAY Clothing Drive at Alex's Bar, Long Beach

This weeks TACO MOTO TUESDAY took us back to ALEX'S BAR in Long Beach for a Clothing Drive. Thanks to everyone who rolled out and brought a bag of clothing! Seriously, it looked like we we're all on the way to do our laundry on a Tuesday night! Cheers fuckers, y'all did good.

And of course, the Taco's were great. And you can't beat $1 Olympia's all night long for the perfect Taco chasers. 

Info on the next #TacoMotoTuesday location? follow @KultofSpeed on IG

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Ohhhhh Baby, Baby. Baby, Baby. Sing it Wompy on the BEERBREED Booze Cruise

Wompy's SALT N' PEPA homage encore was a highlight of the night!

"...Get up on this!"

Don't forget the Lionel Richie (RIP) tribute

"Why in the world, would anybody put chains on me?
I've paid my dues to make it.
Everybody wants to be me.
What they want me to be.
I'm not happy when I try to fake it.

Not exactly sure when Saturday night's Thunderdome Karaoke turned into Sunday morning (probably at 12:01 am) but suffice to say, we don't play by your rules Mr. Atomic Clock! If the sun (still atomic, how ironic...) comes up first, so be it. The FREE Campout; The Beerbreed Booze Cruise was about the funnest thing ever! Good friends. Motorcycle Riding. Adventure. Booze. Food. Karaoke (the next time you get the chance, thank an Asian!). I'd say so, but on a level of "Stupid to Brilliant" how fun was it? I'd say, you're not even able to walk a straight line, how are you going to Top Stupid??? We'll see, because we've got even dumber ideas for the next Beerbreed Campout (Coming March 2016 STAY TUNED).

Friday, November 20, 2015

BEERBREED BOOZE CRUISE The Wiener and Fancy Chip Dinner

"The Wiener and Fancy Chip Dinner" hosted by Beerbreed on the Beerbreed Booze Cruise!

Eat One or Eat a Dozen! It's up to you!!!

Which led directly into the nights
(No Tina Turner)