Wednesday, November 18, 2015

::: FREE RAFFLE ::: BeerBreed Annual Booze Cruise

That's right! This was not only a FREE CAMPOUT, but it also hosted a FREE RAFFLE!
The price of raffle tickets? Absolutely nothing!!!! 

Our FREE RAFFLE Sponsors included:

With a Large Gloss Black Gringo Helmet, several fuel cells, hats, and a $100 gift card!
Custom set of "Beerbreed" brown flake bars, several t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts
Titmouse Taillight and t-shirt
Whiskey flask with a custom tooled flask belt holder
Custom headlight mount bracket
LED Headlights and t-shirts
Sportsters Using the Force since 1983 t-shirts
Custom made Shop Aprons, Tool Rolls and t-shirts
tons of t-shirts
who made a stack of event shirts, hats, and shop rags...

I can't thank the Sponsors enough for their generous gifts and let me tell you this, I think there was maybe one or two people who didn't go home with something (mainly because I made like 30 shirts... and everyone took a shop rag) but still, everyone had a blast and several people took home some pretty fucking cool custom chopper shit!!! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! If I forgot any Sponsor I'm gonna feel like a total loser...

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