Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Taco Moto Tuesday Nov. 17th 2015

That bike up front belongs to Mikey Bones who just finished up a four corners run hitting all but something like 15 states! Sweet!!! Impressive Sir. Glad you made it "home" safe (now that home is just about any damn place you decide to make it, love seeing you!) IG: @GunsForKids 

(Yeah, THAT guy showed up!) gonna make this pic my new header soon)

Another great TACO MOTO TUESDAY taking it to Schooner At Sunset, Thanks for having us! Tacos were great and Alizon says the mushroom tacos were incredible too!! Great to see so many TMT Regulars on a school night some might have thought too chilly to ride ...what's TOO CHILLY TO RIDE? 

Follow #TacoMotoTuesday for future ride times/locations. 

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