Tuesday, November 10, 2015

When the roads start to get smaller, you know you're getting somewhere... GIANT ROCK RUN (pt.2/5)


When you start from traffic lined highways inside Los Angeles / Long Beach and slowly (albeit faster than stop and go traffic because you're splitting lanes...) wind your way towards the outskirts of the city, and then start making turns off the commercial truck routes into the hills, you feel a sense of "leaving it all behind" and riding daily to and from work in L.A. traffic, I have zero problem leaving it all behind to get out of town. Plus, I know where we were headed.

This fourth annual Giant Rock Run allowed a lot of people, for the first time (to get lost on sandy dirt roads) to experience a true grassroots event without the seemingly inevitable hand of some major insurance corporation or men's fragrance cologne or motorcycle dealerships involvement or membership fee, or hash-tagged product line getting plugged. Just dudes (and chicks) out riding for a destination to throw a party. Everyone pitched in, and everyone had a great time! That's Ben's doing, keeping it real!!! Events like this, are not a thing of the past. Wherever you are, you can make it happen. Doesn't mean it's going to be easy getting the ball rolling, but once you do, expect good things. Just remember your roots along the way, don't get lured into selling out inch by inch because before you know it, you'll have already lost sight of the vision you once had. And then you're working for someone else's bottom line instead of "leaving it all behind."

We're actually preparing a kinda-large, guest bloggers and people who have been involved for some considerable time, series of articles concerning Grassroots Events and Astroturfing inside our own "chopper community" or "motorcycle community" (or whatever you like mr. sensitive) for lack of a term that satisfies all concerned parties. How big business has tried, successfully I argue, to get inside our community for their own profit margins... stay tuned for a December to remember!

But for now, we'll just keep plugging away with more and more photos... 

So, you see, it's a picture of a cock on my coffee cup...?

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