Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Couple shots from the last "Hungry Hungry Hipsters" gathering out of PORTLAND OREGON. Don't have anything going on in your area? Always jealous of all the ride/party pictures you see other people posting? "I wouldn't say jealous..." Whatever! DO IT YOURSELF!!!
Get organized and throw it up! It doesn't matter if it's 5 people or 50.
If you're in the Portland (or surrounding) area and wanna get in on this monthly food pod jaunt, follow Adam @ThisWildLife_ThisFreedom on IG
pics by HHH co-founder Max Vanbriesen

Monday, December 21, 2015



By: Morbid Maiden

            When I was asked to write this article, my initial thoughts included enthusiasm and excitement.  Upon subsequent reflection, I realized that many people who may read this article are most certainly not going to feel the same way. Regardless, I believe in expressing oneself, even in the face of adversity and potential backlash, and especially when the message to be conveyed is one of such importance as that to be discussed herein. Thus, I committed to writing this article, and I will spare no one’s feelings in the process.
            Ladies, I have a serious announcement to share with you. Motorcycles are not fashion accessories. This may come as a shock to many of you, because I see the way you pose with your motorcycles and the clothes/gear that you wear when you ride. The former seems to predominate over you actually riding, and the latter just makes the rest of us cringe.
            So it was not that long ago that I decided to attend an all-woman’s motorcycle campout and ride. I usually steer clear of gender-segregated events, but my curiosity got the better of me. And besides, I knew that I was already harboring some negative preconceived notions about such an event, and it would be very dishonest of me if I were to voice my contempt for an event that I had never attended. So, I packed up my camping gear and strapped it to my sissy bar, purchased my ticket, and decided that I was babe enough to ride out.
            I decided to join one of the meet up groups that formed for the main purpose of gathering a group of event attendees who lived near each other, so we could all ride together to the event. Now, I want to point out that up until this point, I had only ridden with men. I was not necessarily opposed to riding with women, but I just did not know any females who rode, and I tend to get along better with men, so I never really gave it much thought at all. But now I do – every time I am invited on a ride. And the remainder of this article will illustrate just why I now hesitate to ride with women who I do not know.
            The meet up itself was uneventful and fine – most of the women were very welcoming and friendly. It was the actual ride to the event that was an issue. I will not sugar coat this - many of these women should not have been riding motorcycles on public streets. Many of these women should still have been practicing in empty parking lots. I am not a hater, by any means, but my reasoning is that many of these women literally put the lives of others at risk, by selfishly joining a large group of riders on machines that are dangerous enough on their own. Well, the motorcycles themselves are not really dangerous, as the risk really lies with the lack of protection that exists if an accident were to occur. But I have digressed.
            Other than incidents where I get cut off or experience some type of close call while riding, I always feel very safe and comfortable on my bike. I have put over 10,000 miles on this particular bike just these passed 10 months, so I know the way she moves, the way she feels, and the way she purrs. I have ridden many mountain roads with large groups of men, with the twisting roads, traffic congestion, and less-than-ideal weather conditions. Yet, I have never felt nervous or uncomfortable. But once I rode with a group of women, on flat roads in ideal weather conditions – I did not feel nearly as safe and comfortable, through no fault of my own.
            The pre-ride safety speech included something about “not passing.” As a result of my having decided not to be an asshole that day (the rest of the weekend was anyone’s guess), I was staying in my lane and not passing anyone. However, I was unlucky enough to be stuck behind a woman who could not seem to keep up with the freeway traffic, or handle her bike in general. As a result, myself and the ladies behind me almost got separated from those ahead of us – those who actually knew the way to the event.  In order to try to avoid a repeat of this annoyance, after our first stop for gas, I made my way towards the front of the group so I could ride with the women whom I determined earlier actually knew how to ride and how to do so at an acceptable speed.
            I find it unacceptable for someone to put other people’s lives at risk, just so she can try to be cute and fit in. I hope that if any of these women are reading this, that they are getting pissed off, because I was pissed off and I hope this makes them think twice before hopping on a motorcycle and riding outside of the confines of an abandoned parking lot.
            Fast forward to the portion of the event where they were giving out an award to the woman who rode the furthest to get to the event. I have mad respect for the two women who rode from Florida to California for this event. You ladies deserve the award. However, there was another woman who actually went on stage to try to claim the prize, mentioning how she traveled from Northeastern Canada to get to the event. After the crowd cheered, myself included, the woman had a chance to speak in the microphone, and let it slip that she actually trailered her bike. She did not ride from Canada. The host took back the award and gave it to the women who actually rode the furthest. But I was experiencing second-hand embarrassment just witnessing this incident.
            On a different, yet still related topic, what is with all of the gender segregation and man-bashing? During the course of this weekend event, I heard many women talking shit about men and how awesome it was that there were no men at this event. I would bet my paycheck that many of these women are the same ones who get offended if a group of men have an “all-male” motorcycle campout and ride. These same women would then refer to these men as “sexist pigs,” among the other common adjectives used by feminists when engaging in man bashing.
            A word of advice, ladies: If you want men to see women as equals, if you want men to include women in their group motorcycle rides, then maybe you should learn about inclusiveness and how not to be a whiney cunt, rather than your current state of hypocritical feminism that so many of you embrace. I have said it before, and I will say it again: feminism had its place and its usefulness in society. But those times are in the past (save for a few issues, here and there). If you want equality, then stop going out of your way to draw a thick line of separation between the genders. The more you push for these “women-centric” motorcycle events, the more you are separating men who ride from women who ride. These events are not bringing men and women together, these events are focusing on women who ride, and who apparently need a special place and special circumstances to ride, so they can later share all of their girl power with the world via social media.
            I have accepted the fact that I will likely receive some very negative feedback on this article. But nothing I have said is a lie. So if you are angry, please do everyone a favor and direct your anger where it actually matters – towards those women who care more about using motorcycles as fashion accessories, rather than a means of fun, freedom, and transportation; those women who put fashion first, and common sense/safety of others, last. 

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Que the Spooky Music intro ....

Mulders office 2015.

Scully: Mulder. We keep finding these strange objects [Scully picks up a wrench] covered in a layer of dust at the scene of every reported missing or abducted person case we investigate?

Mulder: It's an ancient technology Scully. They're called "Tools." They we're popular up until the 90's.

Scully: That's your conspiracy theory talking again, Mulder...

Mulder: Is it Scully? Is it really?
Fade to black.
Later that day...

Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Four Strokes of the Crass

It's not a boycott, rather a decision to merely stop supporting the larger corporate shows, the chopper elite and cool kid celebrities, the idolatry surrounding imaginary television lifestyles, and the overt sexist standards within our communities. Lifestyle branding is slavery. The masses flock to the larger shows suffocating originality, encouraging mediocrity, and marginalizing everything that was unique. But, if that's your thing, by all means keep attending, the troughs are filled for feeding. Better you than me. The opposite however, awaits those willing to turn away from the bright lights of "Chopular City" and risk destinations unknown...

Support Grassroots
Make Friends Not Fans
Don't Be a Chopper Belieber
Do Not Worship a False Jax
Objectification Now!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

TACO MOTO TUESDAY Dec. 15th 2015

Random photography from Taco Moto Tuesday 12/15/2015

Weekly info via @kultofspeed on IG.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Do you remember the 90's? "Yeah?" ...

If it even gets you thinking about it, it's been worth it.

Fuck the Chopper World as you know it now... look deeper for substance than what corporate events present* to you.

(* read: charge you a fee to walk in front of ) 

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Kitmas came and so did Santa...

The Royal Rats
LIVE!, on the front lawn at the Kitmas Candy Cane Lane Grand Opening Spectacular, El Segundo, CA., huge thanks for playing guys! Thanks Kit, for opening your home and inviting everyone in for the house party of the year! Potluck food kept coming in all night long (thanks to cool as hell neighbors... I know right? What? Yes). Booze, Nachos, Chili, Hams, Casseroles, home baked cookies, more Booze... good times!
otherwise all you'll be left with is what the corporate events decide you want... no thanks.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Mooneyes JP by JeffO

 Jeff O was nice enough to send up some Sportster pics from his trip to Japan! He knows how much we dig on Sportsters, that's for damn sure! Thanks Jeffo (aka That Guy)!!!

Friday, December 11, 2015



Who remembers Punk Rock in the 1980's ???
Individual freedom, anti-establishment, anti-authoritarianism, DIY ethics, non-conformity, direct action, and not selling out... those qualities are long gone in the "Hot Topic" world of today.
It's also exactly what's missing from today's SAMCRO "Chopular" Chopper scene, where events are corporate sponsored advertisements, masses converge on larger and larger venues which are also filled with more and more marginalized cloned and endlessly copied bikes and the new factory-customs, people are willing to pay more and more for quantity over quality... what went rong?
Where did all the custom parts fabricators go? They didn't go anywhere. Their customer base did.
Yes, I spelled "rong" wrong on purpose.
Where did all the garage builders go?
Where did all the blogs go?
Where did all the dedicated fanzines go?
Who let the commercialism mongers into our community?

There's an entire percentage of the community that doesn't even realize the exploitation that has occured and is continuing to occur for the sake of generating profits. There's also a percentage of the community that have no interest in any DIY ethic what so ever...

So don't worry about a thousand other people on the guest list getting in free to this month's Chopular Events. Start with yourself and ask yourself; Is standing in a line where my passion really belongs?

(as it relates to our small part of the larger motorcycle community, partially stolen from Wikipedia)

What is the DIY ethic?

DIY ethic refers to the ethic of self-sufficiency through completing tasks without the aid of a paid expert. Literally meaning; "do it yourself," the DIY ethic promotes the idea that anyone is capable of performing a variety of tasks rather than relying on paid specialists. The DIY ethic requires that the adherent seeks out the knowledge (from friends, on blogs, forums, tips and advice from local independent shops, etc.) required to complete a given task. The term can refer to a variety of disciplines, including modifying/chopping motorcycles and putting on grassroots chopper events.

STOP OBJECTIFICATION (...or encourage it? Use your freedom of choice)

You can imagine any other "like" event photos in places of these that apply. These merely have the same "shock and maw" value that others experience through social media.

Photographers within our own community will know exactly what I'm talking about when I bring up the topic of Objectification. Treating the subjects within our photography as tools to advance our own "popularity" in the photographers world, hits and likes on social media, or to garner additional sponsorship funding from major sources; camera companies, dealerships, and/or major publications. 

You instantly recognize the lack of autonomy of self determination when you see the same poses and bike placements again and again; riders standing on their footpegs while riding, riding topless, standing on your bikes (what? Is your name Indian Larry?),
 topless riders facing away from the camera overlooking a vista or expanse, (my personal favorite) the bike sideways across the double center yellow lines of a street or highway. The objects are as interchangeable as identical twins, only there's hundreds of identical siblings in this family.

But there is a counter thought to be considered, that objectification is not inappropriate. Everyone is already an object, and being objectified is not a bad thing. "Dump Them Out!" Everyone is vulnerable to objectification. Stop wasting electrical tape and just show your tits! You're not as special as you thought you were, the fact that you think you are is the grand human illusion. Whether you feel dehumanized because of it or not, is irrelevant, it's what makes for a LIKE on social media that has the desired value response, not your feelings. Just ask the photographers behind the photo shoots, they'll console your concerns.

Spread those wings

Even "real"(*) girls get photographed when they show their boobs. You don't need to be a hot model to be objectified, but don't expect to get as many LIKES at the end of your 15 minutes of Instagramed fame. Side boobs only get you so far in this world. 

(*) That's a nice way to say; fat. ugly. awkward, too skinny, too tall, too short, or other



... NOW!!!"