Tuesday, December 1, 2015

From Grassroots to Zero (pt.1)

Our "Chopper Community" has been infiltrated by Large Corporations and Saboteurs. Some would argue, "No. It's just the hipsters that joined the Wolf Pack" others blame the "Women's Movements" but I disagree, those are but sideline reflections and symptoms of the root problems, oftentimes disguised to appear genuine, like AstroTurf. Big Business has gained the all important foothold and subsequent footprint on our little (formerly grassroots) community.

We are beyond the "Prevention" mode as their infiltration is deep enough now, that the options are either a.) Amputation or b.) Evolution. Both options have their own risks. Failure to take action can only result in future assimilation and mediocrity. Leading down the road of option c.) Oblivion.

But what "action" can be taken? Only a personal action, each person involved in the community must make the willing decision; to RESIST and REFUSE the lure of "bigger is better" behind the scenes or outright in your face corporate inclusion of these big businesses. Stop singing "Kumbaya" with someone trying to purloin your wallet. Pull their hands out of your pants. They're not trying to give you a reach around for Christ's sake!

"KumBUYahhh' My Lord... KumBUYa..."

All month long I'll be detailing opinions (sometimes on the money, sometimes way out in the backwood stick boonies) on the current state of the "profit margin" machines influence on our events, rides, photography exhibits, publications, humor, and social media exposure. Some of this you probably will NOT agree with... Sorry. Not sorry.

Wait. You already did something like this earlier in the year? Why are you doing this again?
Because we're going to go over it agian, and again, and again... only this time, the joke is on all of us.


To Be Continued... all month long on the Lady Hump blog.

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