Thursday, December 3, 2015

From Grassroots to Zero (pt.2)

The need for DIY no longer exists...

Do you remember a time when the term garage builder meant something?

Do you remember waiting for (sometimes) weeks for those custom parts you ordered from small independent manufacturers and fabricators to arrive in the mail? They made those pieces, sometimes per order, and they made them by hand. That was pretty much the majority percentage of our little "community" ten (plus or minus) years ago. Today that is the minority. I know many of those same manufacturers and fabricators have ceased operations (or dramatically decreased productions and marketing) due to an almost stagnant interest and customer levels. 

You would think, as the scene grows, so too would the demand for customizable parts and products. But no. And why? Because when that growth took place, it was directed under the watchful eye of some of the biggest influences of "outsiders" merely waiting for their opportunity to reach out and rape someone. 

"We have purchased the Island of Manhatte from the Savages for the value of 60 Guilders."
~ Pieter Schage, November 5th 1626

We let them in. Not one person in particular is directly responsible, we are all at fault. There was an active infiltration campaign enacted by corporate marketing departments that turned their sights upon the growth within our community and one by one the dominos fell. We let in Sponsors who were not part of our greater community, and as each joined the inner circle of supporters, others jumped at the chance to rush in. Sometimes we even encouraged this.

Today you'll find events within our "Grassroots Chopper Community" sponsored by (they actually use the term "Partners") those who lack even the remotest grassroots authenticity; major beer brands, energy drinks, cologne fragrances, motorcycle dealerships, insurance companies, law firms, fast foot chains, franchised auto part stores, etc. etc. Businesses that are beyond anything close to being small independent shops/owners, i.e., outsiders. Outsiders now drive our growth and subsequently bypass and eliminate the core original founders and supporters. The ideal big business growth projection!

To be continued ...
... in your face

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