Friday, December 11, 2015



Who remembers Punk Rock in the 1980's ???
Individual freedom, anti-establishment, anti-authoritarianism, DIY ethics, non-conformity, direct action, and not selling out... those qualities are long gone in the "Hot Topic" world of today.
It's also exactly what's missing from today's SAMCRO "Chopular" Chopper scene, where events are corporate sponsored advertisements, masses converge on larger and larger venues which are also filled with more and more marginalized cloned and endlessly copied bikes and the new factory-customs, people are willing to pay more and more for quantity over quality... what went rong?
Where did all the custom parts fabricators go? They didn't go anywhere. Their customer base did.
Yes, I spelled "rong" wrong on purpose.
Where did all the garage builders go?
Where did all the blogs go?
Where did all the dedicated fanzines go?
Who let the commercialism mongers into our community?

There's an entire percentage of the community that doesn't even realize the exploitation that has occured and is continuing to occur for the sake of generating profits. There's also a percentage of the community that have no interest in any DIY ethic what so ever...

So don't worry about a thousand other people on the guest list getting in free to this month's Chopular Events. Start with yourself and ask yourself; Is standing in a line where my passion really belongs?

(as it relates to our small part of the larger motorcycle community, partially stolen from Wikipedia)

What is the DIY ethic?

DIY ethic refers to the ethic of self-sufficiency through completing tasks without the aid of a paid expert. Literally meaning; "do it yourself," the DIY ethic promotes the idea that anyone is capable of performing a variety of tasks rather than relying on paid specialists. The DIY ethic requires that the adherent seeks out the knowledge (from friends, on blogs, forums, tips and advice from local independent shops, etc.) required to complete a given task. The term can refer to a variety of disciplines, including modifying/chopping motorcycles and putting on grassroots chopper events.

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