Friday, December 11, 2015

STOP OBJECTIFICATION (...or encourage it? Use your freedom of choice)

You can imagine any other "like" event photos in places of these that apply. These merely have the same "shock and maw" value that others experience through social media.

Photographers within our own community will know exactly what I'm talking about when I bring up the topic of Objectification. Treating the subjects within our photography as tools to advance our own "popularity" in the photographers world, hits and likes on social media, or to garner additional sponsorship funding from major sources; camera companies, dealerships, and/or major publications. 

You instantly recognize the lack of autonomy of self determination when you see the same poses and bike placements again and again; riders standing on their footpegs while riding, riding topless, standing on your bikes (what? Is your name Indian Larry?),
 topless riders facing away from the camera overlooking a vista or expanse, (my personal favorite) the bike sideways across the double center yellow lines of a street or highway. The objects are as interchangeable as identical twins, only there's hundreds of identical siblings in this family.

But there is a counter thought to be considered, that objectification is not inappropriate. Everyone is already an object, and being objectified is not a bad thing. "Dump Them Out!" Everyone is vulnerable to objectification. Stop wasting electrical tape and just show your tits! You're not as special as you thought you were, the fact that you think you are is the grand human illusion. Whether you feel dehumanized because of it or not, is irrelevant, it's what makes for a LIKE on social media that has the desired value response, not your feelings. Just ask the photographers behind the photo shoots, they'll console your concerns.

Spread those wings

Even "real"(*) girls get photographed when they show their boobs. You don't need to be a hot model to be objectified, but don't expect to get as many LIKES at the end of your 15 minutes of Instagramed fame. Side boobs only get you so far in this world. 

(*) That's a nice way to say; fat. ugly. awkward, too skinny, too tall, too short, or other



... NOW!!!"

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