Wednesday, February 17, 2016

I can't believe it's not Choppers (aka) FUCK THE SOLD OUT

More and more, it's getting harder to find events that haven't, to put it simply...


When you see events sponsored by Insurance Companies, Lawyers, Energy Drinks, Hipster Beer Brands, Shoe Companies, Cowboy floppy hats, Sock Companies... seriously and then hope your target audience still believes you're "keeping it real." No you're not. You're "taking the money and running."

The events you created we're born out of apathy, disdain, and dissatisfaction from the larger factory HOG Dealership "free hot dog saturday" events, do-rags and chaps, stock bikes and chrome polish... and now you're getting so big, you're become them. You already are them. You're now the event other people are going to create events to oppose your "sold out" events. When you look at your list of sponsors, never again consider yourself a grassroots event, because you've sold that title away. If you think you're getting "back to basics" the key word there is "basic" and that's exactly what you've made it!

If your event is "Presented by..." insert any large motorcycle company name here, then you're fake as fuck. If you're a dealership and think you can bring in the "chopper crowd" by offering free t-shirts and gift cards to the best pre-1983 "rat rod" build at "the show", then you're a parasite on the garage builder (near extinction) simply and desperately trying to drive business into your shop... and btw, the "chopper crowd" don't give a shit about you. They'll take the free beer and boogie. Give them enough free beer and I'd wager they steal* something too (because bikers are DANGEROUS... buy you need them to buy the bikes). * It's stereotyping comedy so don't get out the butt hurt cream yet...

If you're a small group of riders that has been influenced by a dealership or conned into hosting and promoting rides at your local dealership, consider how easy it would be to do exactly what you're doing without the involvement of the dealership at all... It's called DIY. Doing it yourself, and it's incredibly easy to do. Stop following the leader and lead yourself. What do they give you, that you can't do without or do on your own? Nothing, but having your bikes congregate on the weekends is nothing more than a marketing ploy to get cross traffic to notice "hey, look at all those bikes at the dealership." Hell, are you telling me none of you work at some place or own a business that couldn't use the same eye candy attention? Just because it's the Old Town Yarn Barn, doesn't mean people won't notice and talk about all the bikes in the lot... "Where did you see a bunch of bike?" at the Old Town Yarn Barn I'm telling you... "Damn. Those Quilters must be Bad Ass! Maybe I should knit myself a vest?"


Support Grassroots

Fuck the SOLD OUT

a public service message from the warm handjob of the Lady Hump

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