Saturday, February 27, 2016

KITS KULTURE RIDE no.2 is next Saturday...


MARCH 5th 2016
Meet at 8:00 AM
Randy's Donuts, Inglewood, CA.
free shop rags
KSU 8:30 AM

Ride (or drive) to a nearby museum for an exclusive viewing (the museum will be closed to the public on this day). WussArmy Kit will also have some (see pic below) trivia prizes from his extensive collection of original Roth and VonDutch stuff, so be sure to "brush up" on your Kustom Kulture knowledge and win some neat chit'!!!

After a solid hour or two at the museum you can jam or join us for some sweet sweet artery clogging processed meat and meat by-products served between steamy hot buns covered in onions and chili at our Heartattack Brunch.

It's your body, your choice...

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