Sunday, March 6, 2016

Kits Kulture Ride No.2 (1/6)

This is Kit.
Meet Kit.
Hello Kit.
You already  know Kit I take it?
So Kit wanted to do some rides over the last year, since I obviously took a side step away from directly putting on my own Lady Hump rides and I told Kit, "for sure Dude! I'll help you throw some fun stuff, what do you want to do?" Kit said he wanted to take people on motorcycles rides to places we've never been before so he could put some "Kustom Kulture" into them. Our first one, late last year was to Velveteria, the largest black velvet painting museum in the world, and this Kulture Ride (March 5th 2016) was no less phenomenal! Kit arranged a private tour (free) of the car collection currently on display at Galpin Motors in Van Nuys. Now you might think that's not such a big deal, but let me tell you, Galpin has been collecting (and preserving) some very important pieces of automotive history, that we actually got an intimate look at... Hopefully, over the next week (on the blog) you'll be able to enjoy each of the daily posts from Kits Kulture Ride No.2.

Dick Haring's Back Up Pick Up (exact replica). You may have seen this 1965 Ford Econoline in pictures, or maybe even seen the original perform (traveling at 120 mph backwards!!!) in person if you were lucky (and old) enough, but to see the inside of this, really puts a newfound respect in me, for the driver (George Tuers) who evidently couldn't see forward while he was wheely'ing it, so he was forced to stick his head out the window to see down the track!

Huge Special Thanks to Chuck Allison, Collection Curator, for the walking lecture on all the great cars housed at Galpin Motors. You'll see Chuck in pictures all week long as he leads us through the museum and fills our uneducated brains with the awesomeness housed within this facility.

Kits Kulture Ride No.2

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