Wednesday, March 2, 2016

MAKE FRIENDS NOT FANS - 2015 Lady Hump Annual photography book

The shipment has arrived! Now in stock, after a limited pre-release last month, the shipment of MAKE FRIENDS NOT FANS has arrived; covering all of 2015 through the camera and best of the blog, no ads, no sponsors, no cookie cutter articles, nothing to detract from the quasi photography skills at motorcycle rides, camping trips, desert adventures, drunken times and blurry memories. The Alien Run 2015, The (Biltwell) El Diablo Run, Torrance Beermuda Triangle, The Giant Rock Run, Kit's Kulture Ride, The Cheapo Chopoff (Oregon), 24Cycles' North Drinks With The South no. 4, Taco Moto Tuesdays, BeerBreed's end of the year blowout "Booze Cruise" ghost town tour last November... and more and more, all wrapped up in one 100 page (advertisement free) full color gloss book.

I'll argue, the way is should be. Some say advertisers pay the bills... I REJECT that. You get what you pay for, and I for one, don't want to pay to see endless pages of advertisements. No thank you. We pony up the ching ourselves to print this book annually for the thrill of providing the Lady Hump blog viewer the chance to keep something alongside their fireplace, coffee table, and/or toilet in times of stimulating conversation or such. If ads are your "thing" ...pfft, there's other options for you out there. But if you're looking for just the meat of the meal, the photography, amateur at that, then this is it. 

Support Grassroots Publications ...that are really grass roots and not just meaningless tag lines.

Made in Torrance, CA. (actually printed locally right here in Torrance)
~ Make Friends Not Fans ~

...and don't forget to Ching Chong Potato!

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