Monday, June 27, 2016

The Great Escape ~ BornFreeR Quaking Aspen Fuck Your Corporate Sponsors Campout

This last weeks been huge highs and deep lows. The blog had the pause button hit about 3:45 am last Wednesday morning when we found out one of our dearest friends in the whole wide world died tragically in a truck v. motorcycle accident. Capt. Arturo, the guys who been the face of the Lady Hump desktop header for about two years now. Since then, there've been gatherings, a memorial, lots and lots of hugs, tattoos, discussions, altered plans and redirections on how we're going forward... in his example. Live life to the fullest and do so without fear. Friday we attended the memorial at his work where he was the tall ship Captain on the "Spirit" out Dana Point at the Ocean Institute, most of us attending who knew him spoke and shared about his tremendous ability to love us, not our love of him (which kinda goes without saying) but how much he loved Us throughout the years. And on Saturday morning we packed it up and set a new course, destined for star gazing at night and tall trees in the breeze!

Thus the BornFreeR Quaking Aspen Fuck Your Corporate Sponsors Campout occurred. I'll bet you can figure out my part of the title? I'll bet you can. No sponsors, no tickets, no passes, no costumes, just motorcycle riding, good times, and getting to know one another a little bit better than you might have known someone before. Lots of beer drinking, pants down, sausage festival. It's what's for dinner! Seeing old friends for more than "hi-bye" and making some new ones. People have questioned me too, is this an "anti-born-free" and my answer is steadfastly, No. This is your Freedom of Choice to ditch the (hashtag)  Chopperchellas of the world (all of them, name them off, it's not hard to do) and realize how corporate sponsored events are literally killing the small community scenes. Undeniably, there will always be small scenes, yes. But there's stars in the sky versus giant black holes that suck in all the life surrounding them. The IBM Solarsphere has been bought out by the Stentson Floppy Hat Interstellar Union of Conquered Planets. I'll choose star hoping before I drink the Kool Aid of any marginalized corporate events presenting themselves as grassroots and in reality becoming nothing more than the Hot Topic of mall chains across Andromeda as featured in GQ, Oprah, and TeenBeat. It's happening all across this country; Backyard builders are a dying breed, a thing of the past and factory "presented by" or "powered by" events are a blossoming cancer of profiteering and celebrity sightings. Sure sure sure, there's always those that will carry the burnt flickering backyard builder torch, but going from literally ten thousands of them to merely dozens is our current terminus flatlining hospitalized condition. 

"When in doubt, stick it out!"
Drink Whiskey
Sing Karaoke
and order something off the menu you've never eaten before!

Now this a grass pass.

more pics coming! Daily for about a week.

~ Long Live DIY ~


Olaf's son Slind said...

Thank you for making this happen. I know any of us who knew Art would agree that this was a better use of our time this weekend. A small group of friends sharing stories and having good times, to me this is what it's all about.

I was done with Born Free the last time it was free, I love all the bikes and a lot of the people that are a part of the scene but I don't do well with crowds in the heat, plus it wasn't really free. What we did was, and I really hope that Born Free'er will continue as an alternative for what's grown into a monster.

I propose that we do this every year, maybe not to the same location, but for the same reasons.

Thanks again,


Unknown said...

Photo 4 our of 10 I think I see that bike daily on my commuting route Hwy 74 I am on the white Yamaha almost daily as well. Small world.