Monday, September 5, 2016

Art Forever Forever Art RIDE to the Cabazon Dinosaurs (pt.2)

Family and Friends remembering Capt. Arturo Zamarripa #ArtForeverForeverArt taken from us too soon, always with us in spirit! Truly a teacher in how to live life to it's fullest everyday. Thank you Art.

above pics from @Lucinda_Blue_Velvet IG

Earlier this year, Art skipped riding out to the Alien Run 2016 and asked me to help him reach out to people who might put him up for the night along a route he had planned (from the Pacific Coast to the Gulf Coast and to New Orleans. He spoke to me about his quest for his Fiddler's Green... His trip was evidently a personal milestone and a crap load of fun for him. Unfortunately, his life would then be taken from him by a careless driver making a left hand turn on the night before he was to head out back to Sea ... May you live in your Fiddler's Green forever Capt. Art!

"So many Irish were known to be sailors, and when it came time for a sailor to retire he would go in search of Fiddler's Green, which is Heaven on Earth. Turns out you can walk there. The way you find it is you carry an oar over your shoulder and you walk and you walk until one day someone comes up to you and asks, "Hey stranger, what's that on your shoulder?" Because once you've walked so far from the sea that people no longer recognize an oar, you've found Fiddler's Green"

~ Arturo Zamarripa

When in doubt, stick it out!

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