Friday, September 2, 2016

Breaking Hump

Long time Hump readers might remember wayyyyy back in 2009/2010 we shared our love of Breaking Bad in the form of RESPECT THE SPORTSTER shirts and Breaking Bad themed blog headers... oh good times, not forgotten.

We'll we finally got the chance to pass through Albuquerque and visit some of the "more scenic" filming sights (but you really don't need to see my family nerd photography, you're going to see it anyway). Although we really need a reason to return here and visit them all in one of the RV tours  (I heard they had. Don't know if they still do?). 
So, who's putting on shows in ABQ ??? 2017 planning ??? 

The Legendary "Crystal Palace" 

Los Pollos Hermanos

Jesse Pinkman's apartment where Jessica Jones OD'd. Something like that... I know her name was Jane in the show.

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Dustin Blackesthart said...

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