Saturday, October 29, 2016

Party's over, time for a pregnancy test... Taco Moto Tuesday's FULL COSTUME RIDE (pt.4)

There was a pinata somewhere in there and it was filled with all kinds of goodies and adult treats! 

One more thanks for everyone who helped throw this most excellent Taco Moto Tuesday FULL COSTUME RIDE; Vinnie, Roy & Rene, Ben, Magoo, and Dumptruck for the use of his shop! Everyone who came out and everyone who likes to party ~

Special thanks to the Ladies from the Sisterhood of the Blessed Combustion who prayed over Lady Alizon's injured leg and the next morning she say's it had been healed!!! Hallelujah!!!

(but then she re-injured it when she got out of bed... so who knows?)

Friday, October 28, 2016

Taco Moto Tuesday's FULL COSTUME RIDE 2016 (pt.3)

Totally loved the Black Sabbath Cover Band, UNDER THE SON, comprised to two fathers and their two sons! How rad it that, and they're spot on with the covers. Thanks guys!

Thursday, October 27, 2016


More random photography from Taco Moto Tuesday's Full Costume Ride and party at Dumptruck's Pad.

"You smell like after shave and taco meat..."

I know.

"You're officially giving me a boner!"

Again, huge thanks to Rene and Roy for cooking Tacos!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Where do I even start...? Taco Moto Tuesday FULL COSTUME RIDE 2016

Another Taco Moto Tuesday FULL COSTUME RIDE is behind us! And Whoa... did that suck. No Fun. I HATE Good Times! I've only got two words for you... "Clothing Optional!"


HUGE THANKS TO DUMPTRUCK for providing the location and hospitality, Vinnie Vegas, Ben and Magoo for organizing, Rene and Roy from Helmet Division for cooking our tacos, DJ Don Cesar, Under The Son (Black Sabbath Cover Band)(they rocked) and everyone who came out and celebrated Taco Moto Tuesday with us!!! 

I'll probably be posting pictures all week long, what's left of it anywhey. Boo fuckers!!!

Two Dumptrucks? I can't even tell the differences...???

John Cleese