Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Food for Thought...

Just thought I'd share some of my Instagram "food for thought" with the Lady Hump blog readers...

If you're the company making the "cakes" you don't want anyone to easily be able to make their own "cake" reproduction and/or repair it when it breaks down because you've make yours with substandard (made to replace, not made to last) imported parts. 

When was the last time you saw a "Builders Kit" for a whole chopper (or bobber)? Pretty rare these days compared to ten years ago when it was in almost every magazine and almost every mail order catalog. So why make a mix when you can buy the whole thing already made?

If you're the consumer looking to buy a cake, a "cake virgin" so to speak, you'll be lured by the cold case at the Grocery Store where pre-baked cakes are cheap* and plentiful and decorated to snare the look you're looking for with metal flake frosting, chopped rear fenders, side mounted license plates, and vintage style peanut tanks... "It's so dreamy" It'll put you into a food coma.

* Compared to a commissioned chopper build by a professional builder 

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