Friday, December 23, 2016

NEW *** BLUE VELVET 2016 *** Annual Photography Book Available Now

 We're proud to release our 7th ANNUAL, advertisement free DIY photography book!
Dedicated to our dear friend Arturo Zamarripa IV 1982-2016
along with 9 other new products (shirts and patches) we've been working on and stockpiling for the last two weeks.

As an overbearing consumerism and corporate infiltration continues to grow within our own community(s), this is our DIY rooted-ethics response, SEVEN YEARS strong! Each year more refined than the last. In producing these books we look back to our punk rock roots when we used to make xerox fanzines during high school and trade/sell them in the back classified of MRR & Flipside. We reject the dependence on the current mass media ad filled publishing and mega event societal structures and present this work as merely an alternative choice you're free to make for yourself. We encourage self organizing, volunteering, donating, and contributing to the smaller grassroots campouts and parties where creative freedoms are not prepackaged mass produced products.

People not Profits.

Book and Shirt orders will ship with FREE shop rags, stickers, and buttons while supplies last.
Patches only will ship with FREE stickers.

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