Sunday, February 26, 2017


BLUE VELVET ~ Photography from the grassroots 2016
Our 7th annual amateur photography book, 100 full color pages of photography by Lady Hump and Lady Alizon and whoever else picked up the camera at any number of moto campouts, parties, alien bars, church bazaars (there was that one on the IERides Iron Garden Getaway) or along any number of Taco Moto Tuesday or other motorcycle rides. The best of the blog from a whole year of shenanigans. Printed in house #DIY by our very own Vinnie Vegas. 100% content, 100% advertisement & corporate sponsor FREE

Other books available from the Lady Hump collection
All other years are OUT OF PRINT. Thank you!

Monday, February 20, 2017

SKINTIGHT @ Que Sera, Long Beach CA

LIVE @ Que Sera, February 19th 2017

JASON PAUL and the Know It Alls

The Breaking (Portland, OR)

QUE SERA ~ Long Beach CA.

Sunday, February 19, 2017


CHOPPERS ARE DEAD and MY OTHER RIDE IS YOUR DAUGHTER shirts have been restocked in the shop $20. each includes FREE (U.S.) Shipping, FREE Sticker, FREE Buttons, FREE Screened Shop Rag (designs will vary).

Large BACK PATCHES available also. Same shirt designs on our heavy duck canvas, screened (sew on only, do not iron), and hemmed so they wont fray'out after riding for 5 minutes on the freeway.
Back Patches are between $15-$20, same free stuff as listed above for back patches... USA orders only, sorry, I just can't play the international mail theft game any more, it's cost me a finger and a toe.

My Hero!!! 

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

CRUISE TO THE STAGECOACH INN with Inland Empire Rides (pt.3)

Magoo the Sexy, as seen on Game of Throbes

Great day riding with Nick, and Rich, and everyone else who came out and took a spin with Inland Empire Rides! They've already announced their ANNUAL CAMPOUT dates of November 3rd-4th-5th (it'll be here before you know it!....) so be sure to mark your calendars. AND REMEMBER, IT'S A FREE CAMPOUT! ~ No wristbands, parking fees, membership dues, or other profiteerism or greedocracy involved! Make sure you follow @Inland_Empire_Rides on the IG

Breakdowns happen...

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

::: DADS WORLD :::

I've recently been turned on by DADS WORLD OFFICIAL on YouTube!

You need to watch this and if you don't bust a nut laughing, then you need to wash your balls with BenGay...

Points for the stickers on the Van's dash! wink' wink'


CRUISE TO THE STAGECOACH INN with Inland Empire Rides (pt.2)

Even more pics from the Inland Empire Rides, Cruise to the Stagecoach Inn. 2/12/2017.

Gonna go ahead and thank both Nick Faught and Rich Silva for putting these rides & campout(s) together! They're both sexy dudes if you wondered... wonder no more. So they've also said that everyone should reserve November 3rd-4th-5th for our annual Campout. It's (I've been told) is going to be a BEAVER of a time. 

...did I mention it's FREE too? 

follow @Inland_Empire_Rides on the IG 

Support Those Who Support You!

Monday, February 13, 2017

CRUISE TO THE STAGECOACH INN ...with Inland Empire Rides

Pics coming all week long from the...

@inland_empire_rides (on the IG) February 12th 2017

Sunday morning cruise from Lake Elsinore Ohara's Cocktail Lounge to the Stagecoach Inn, Aguanga, CA. for lunch (and more cocktails...)

Inland Empire Rides / IERides