Thursday, February 2, 2017

Throw away your phones, DESKTOPS are coming back in 2017

There's already a slew of non-Corporate America events popping up on this years calendar and that's so hawt right now... like fleas on a dogs butt. Avoid the MoCo'late latte' BUDlight crowd and support something being organized by ordinary folk. Remember them? They used to put on almost everything just a few years back (at least the stuff we featured on this little blog)... until the pirates and the profiteers decided to play the lifestyle branding hustle, put their size "takeover" feet in the door and bribed the concierge (or straight up stole the money out of the cookie jar) and call it their "sizzle" We'll have our team "spice up" (*) your event! (not funny) (*from an actual email solicitor I received)

We used to maintain an EVENT CALENDAR on the blog sidebar but discontinued it about two years ago. Maybe it's time to bring it back again now that social media has all but forgotten blogger, blogs, blogging as a trending method of mass communication. To do that, readers would actually have to get off "cell phone" mode and try something they probably haven't done in years, go DESKTOP! "Whoaaaa...." (I know, it's revolutionary. But it's not.) 

ala Obi Wan Kenobi, "this isn't the blog you're looking for... move along..."

Disclaimer Butthurticus; And I by no means authored this ideology, I'm merely sharing it through my own eyes. It's not that I'm some angry hater-anti-corporate sponsored events. Without them in existence, we wouldn't have the lesser... wink wink tinker-bell. It's fun to lose. Or maybe we would? We recognize there is far larger ever-growing FAN base for them to solicit and sling their "Kool Aid County Kumbaya" events. Bring out the dancing poodles! At least until the bubble bursts... when the flatulent mass hysteria sputters to death in the slow lane and the glass eyed fascination ends, people turn to new beads and trinkets which now capture their attention... Do you think Corporate-Hot Rods will ever be popular again? Somewhere there's a warehouse filled with parts for Plymouth Prowlers and Chevy SSR's!

FUCK YOUR CORPORATE SPONSORS because we didn't need them before, and we still don't. We DO SUPPORT those who support us (and "us" as in the general community), like minded individuals (are you paying attention?), small shops, small businessmen, fellow riders who have an idea of a cool place to go camping, craftsmen, artists, musicians, fabricators, and used parts hustlers. We support grassroots in a variety of forms and functions. 

We don't buy into the need, necessity, marketing agenda, or infiltration of large stock index businesses, wristband mega events, VIP Parking, Global Properties beer brands, corporate sponsors, powered-by, presented-by, those that outsource their IT department and sell their logos branded on American flags, fingerless gloves, and jockey helmets, factory pushing hosts who's only and ultimate goals are silk pajama motorsports pocket linings and separating the little kids from their milk money (opposed to a sincere mutual contribution). 

We absolutely hold fast to encouraging others to make their own decisions by utilizing their freedom of choice, deciding what they (you) desire from your own participation. If you want to "pay to play" go right ahead...Go Team. If you'd rather just make miles and camp under the stars, have a few beers and not concern yourself with feeding frenzy of vendor booth pre-distressed fashion and endless aisles of Chinese wares, you can do that too. 

Get involved where you can. Volunteer, Donate, Contribute, and Create. Throw a chopper party at a bacon wrapped hotdog cart in the middle of the ghetto, don't segregate; invite the mulatoos and albinos, the sexy and the ugly. Make the chopper part you wanted to buy, make it twenty times if that's your learning curve. Ask your friends for help. Make your own shirts with crayons or magic markers if you fucking want to! Sing the song of the wind with a Coyote. Learn to Ice Skate with greybeards. Make films. Take pictures. Be part of something... or pay to attend something... make your own choice.

See you on the horizons... and on the Sidebar

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Steve H said...

Fuck yeah. Lets see more of this shit. When are we going to be over this mediocre IG situation? It stifles creativity and appreciation. And IM the one that's a hipster haha.