Sunday, April 23, 2017

DUMPTRUCK and KIT pull together a ROLLER DERBY Night of Thrills and Spills!


Dumptruck and Wussarmy Kit have been talking for a about a year now trying to arrange / set up a Kit's Kulture Ride to a Roller Derby and they finally made it happen! I'll tell you what, we got to eat some chicken, take a ride across town and see the Beach Cities Roller Derby v. the Los Angeles Flakers and it was awesome!!! Love the vibe, the coed-intensity and the endless action! Huge thanks to Dumptruck for pulling this together. We'll definitely be doing it again (soon) and we'll have a better advanced notice (two week minimum) for those of you who wanted to attended but got trapped into prior engagements. Sorry... your loss.

Greatest announcer ever, yep, that's Dumptruck up there (purposefully) mispronouncing names and throwing game facts right at yah'

...and then someone says "you didn't take pictures of any motorcycles?" ok, sorry, we were too busy partying... next time. Be there!

Make Friends Not Fans
pics by Lady_Alizon

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