Thursday, May 18, 2017

El Diablo Run 2017 post 3 of 12, Clima Perfecto

Imaginese un clima perfecto, condiciones agradables para usar nuestras motocicletas, personas con ideas iguales (more than any other year, but still not overwhelming) and you'd describe this years El Diablo Run put on, once again amazingly, by the Biltwell crew. Cruzando la frontera was smooth and Friday morning trafico through Mexicali was almost nonexistent. Some riders had breakdowns and a few had accidents (see below) but most made the ride sur without any hiccups. Kiki's and Ruben's were crowded that's for sure but party was on, and that's exactly what the EDR is, a Fiesta gigante!

Hey!!! Watch out for that ONE lone speed bump on the road from Mexicali to San Felipe. Several people hit it at about 60-70 mph and it didn't end well. Be alert!

El Diablo Run 2017
pictures daily for the next two weeks!

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