Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Next STOP Mexico... but we'll brake down first

We're back from the El Diablo Run 2017, Whoaaaa what a blast! and we've got nearly 2,000 photos and were going to share a lot of them here on the blog, so hang tight, over the next week or two, there'll be mass quantities of pictures uploaded! CHEERS!!! and a huge shout out to Biltwell for keeping it real. It might be "taboo" to mention, but far too many events have stumbled or died or lost their "direction" in my opinion, but this years EDR satisfied all my wildest expectations! More on that later. Right now, it's time to start loading up pics.

So, as fate would have it, we had a potential game ender before we even entered Mexico. We had a brake down at this exact motel in 2011, so we were in familiar territory. Kit's bike was overheating and (as simple as it would seem) it took a bit of exploratory surgery to resolve the problem. One would think they would group all the fuses in a bike together, but one would think wrong. Deep under the frame tracing the wires back for a break we discovered a random hidden fuse. I'm guessing it lasted 35 years, so I'll give it a pass, but what a pain in the ass!

These fuses all checked good.

Hidden fuse pulled from wires under frame/tank brackets. Why? Who the fuck knows?

Crossing the border. Magoo's first time outside the country!

Spotted this rad little Van Camper crossing with some (unknown) riders!

Along the road down to San Felipe

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